LINE 2 – Results achieved

LINE 2: Engaging Students and Staff in Jointly Building Student-Centred Higher Education

TOPIC 1¿Why does the Student-Centred Approach imply?

The ACE units focused on the concept of the student-centred approach – its advantages, the new roles of teachers and students, and the elements that must be present in order to be able to talk about an implementation of the approach – the aspects that need to be revised or created To adopt this approach in higher education, 5 GOALS were proposed.

Each ACE unit selected 2 GOALS on which they prepared and implemented the training sessions. As a result of the work carried out, the ACE units shared a READY TO USE session, for institutions or colleagues who want to carry out similar training sessions:

1- Explain to university professors, people in administrative positions and students how the adoption of the student-centred Approach can benefit students and help higher education institutions to better fulfil their mission and objectives [relevant both for the session with students as well as for the teachers]UNLA-Educación (Argentina)
UNESP-Medioambiente (Brasil)
UCSA-Medioambiente (Paraguay)
UNIBE-Educación& Medioambiente (Paraguay)
2-Help teachers and students to understand and begin to adopt the new roles they have to play in order to jointly contribute to the successful implementation of the Student-Centered Approach [relevant for both the student and teacher sessions]UNCUYO-Historia (Argentina)
UMSA-Historia (Bolivia)
UFRGS-Enfermería (Brasil)
UNILIBRE-Medioambiente (Colombia)
UNA-Medioambiente (Paraguay)
3-Help teachers and students to identify the possible causes of resistance to the implementation of the Student-Centered Approach and to respond appropriately to the behaviours of oneself or others that this feeling of resistance can provoke [relevant both for the session with students and for teachers]UNMSM-Medioambiente (Perú)
4-Help university professors prepare a plan for the gradual implementation of the Student-Centered Approach, distinguishing the actions that can be carried out by each professor, on the one hand, and the activities that must be promoted by teams of professors who work on the same degree. [relevant for the session with teachers]UNLA-Medioambiente (Argentina)
UNILIBRE-Educación (Colombia)
UNILIBRE-Medioambiente (Colombia)
UNISABANA-Enfermería (Colombia)
5-Help students to reflect on the curricular design and implementation of a career from the point of view of the Student-Centered Approach – to share proposals for possible improvement with the teaching team of the career in a feedback session [relevant for the session with students]UNILIBRE-Educación (Colombia)