3 Lines of Work

This will be done through working on the three interrelated lines

ACE Line 1: Creating International Reference Points to Guide and Inspire Programme Revision and Enhancement Processes

ACE Line 1 activities will permit ACE participants to create

1. Regional Subject-Specific Qualifications Reference Frameworks
2. Repositories of Good Practice in Student-Centred Teaching, Learning and Assessment

ACE Line 2: Engaging Students and Staff in Jointly Building Student-Centred Higher Education

ACE Line 2 activities will permit ACE participants to become competent champions of implementing Student-Centred Approach in their institutions. As Champions, members of ACE Units will create resources (videos, visuals, etc.) and organise sessions for staff and students in own higher education institutions in order to engage students and staff in collaborative efforts and jointly build conditions for full adoption of Student-Centred Approach.

Each ACE Project Meeting will help the attending ACE participants to build expertise in a particular topic related to Student-Centred Approach and see how others in their institutions can be helped to develop similar awareness, knowledge, skills and/or attitudes.

After each Project Meeting, ACE Unit members will design and facilitate sessions with (1) staff and (2) students to share the insights and get the participants of such sessions ‘on board’ with jointly building student-centred higher education. For each of these sessions, ACE Unit members will create/curate resources, a selection of which will be converted into the ACE Compilation of Resources for Engaging Students and Staff in Building Student-Centred Higher Education.

The six broad topics that will be addressed are as follows:

What does the Student-Centred Approach imply?
How to write reliable Programme Learning Outcomes?
The application of credits in degree programmes
Writing reliable Unit/Course Learning Outcomes
Applying the Student-Centred Approach in Teaching and Learning
Applying the Student-Centred Approach in Assessment

To reflect the lessons learned about jointly working towards implementing Student-Centred Approach, a Policy note outlining ways students can (and should) be directly involved in curriculum development and quality enhancement processes for the Student-Centred Approach to be implemented will be prepared, as a separate output of this Line of activities.

ACE Line 3: Developing Model Student-Centred Curricula

ACE Line 3 activities will permit the ACE participants to apply the insights from the Lines 1 and 2 in order to enhance their currently existing programmes – to bring the programmes in line with the international benchmarks agreed in Line 1 and to ensure that the programmes incorporate key features of Student-Cented Approach in both in their design and in implementation.